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Welcome to my page!  I hope you find much of the information you need here.  Feel free to email me or call the school with any questions or comments!

Incoming 6th Grade!  

Please click here to find out more information about enrolling in band at South Middle School. Please email me with any questions you may have or to let me know to put you in my class this fall. I can't wait to meet you!

Online Learning Environment  

I realize several of our students do not have internet access at home and those students can absolutely use their band method book to keep perfecting their tone, note reading, rhythm counting and enjoyment of playing their instrument.

Many of our students do however have online access during this time. We are using Google Classroom,, and to explore leadership in music and to improve our individual musicianship during this time we are not able to play together.

None of our assignments will be graded, but each student is expected and encouraged to keep playing one way or another so that when we do finally return together we will be able to move forward quickly.

This is unprecedented and I am learning how to operate in this online world along with you. Patience is so very important as well as as much positivity as we can muster. We will make it through this together!

All communication is via and the band app. PLEASE make sure you are in these groups and checking them daily. Students are being sent information to their school emails.


"BAND" app  

Please download the free "band" app onto your smart phone. Join the group "SMS Band Boosters". We will be using this app for parent communications this year. Announcements will appear as a text on your phone, keeping everyone in the loop without having to check an email or website. The calender of events is on the app so you will always know about important dates.

The Music Stop   

The Music Stop in Murfreesboro comes to SMS weekly to make deliveries and pick up repairs. You may call them at 615-217-6165 to place an order for supplies, pay over the phone, and they will deliver your order their next trip.

6th Grade  

All sixth grade students need an Essential Elements Book 1 for thier instrument and an instrument care kit.

We need to be sure students have an instrument to play by August 24. You may rent from the Music Stop online online, go to their store in Murfreesboro, or rent at FCHS on Aug 24. You may also rent from Mid-State Piano Gallery and Music in Tullahoma or Fine Arts on the Mountain in Sewanee. You may purchase anywhere of your choice. If you find an instrument online you would like for me to look at, send me a link and I will give my opinion.

Clarinet students need to be sure to have a supply of reeds to use.

7/8th Grade Supplies  

Supplies may be purchased anywhere that caters to band or online. Good websites are and Orders can be made over the phone to The Music Stop (615-217-6165) and they will deliver the items to South free of charge.

7 and 8th graders need to be sure to have a lyre and flip folder by the first football game. These items cost $15-20 depending on the instrument. 

If a student has lost or damaged their Essential Elements Book 1 they will need to replace it as we will be using it this year.

Clarinet and Saxophone students need to be sure to have a good supply of reeds.

All students other than percussion need to have complete care kits. Items can be bought separately as needed.

Percussion need to have marching sticks if they are playing snare. I prefer the Ralph Hardimon ones. All percussionists need concert sticks, bell mallets and yarn mallets.

Private Lessons  

Private lessons are important for the student who is serious about their playing and would like to participate in honor bands. They will be available this year for interested students. Please email Mrs. Hammer for more information. Lessons are approximately $20/half hour.