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Welcome to the SMS Golf Team website! I wanted to provide some information to those who are interested in playing the great sport called golf. My hope is that I can provide some guidance and direction that will not only help you in playing the game, but may also help you in your approach with other things you may choose to do. As a member of the SMS Golf Team, I promise that the focus will be on safety, fun, and learning new things about the game of golf. Whether you are beginner (even if you have never played), intermediate, or more advanced – we have a spot for you. Some of the world’s greatest athletes were never discovered simply because they didn’t have an opportunity. This is your chance! Join Trojan Golf today.

Coach Profile – Tim Hammond
I live in Winchester with my wife Carol and our 3 kids (Davis, Audrey, and Warren). I grew up in Augusta, GA so you might be familiar with a little tournament held there every year called The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club? Influenced by my family and friends, I started playing golf when I was around 14. I really became interested in golf while attending Georgia Southern University. As a sport, golf was never more than a hobby for me but the comradery with friends and family is what I love and will remember most about the game. My lowest handicap rating was 8.8 but I know I can do better – so I just keep playing.

As a member of the team, you will receive a shirt and visor. You are responsible for providing your own clubs however if you want to play but don’t have a set of clubs – Just let me know and I’ll work something out. Also, don’t wait to get gear and equipment at the pro shops if you can avoid it. Equipment is usually cheaper on line or at local retail stores. To play you will need;
 Clubs with a golf bag designed for walking (pull cart is optional).
 Enough balls to play 9 holes (typically, buy a dozen or two to start the season and we will go from there).
 Golf tees. These are cheap so buy 50 or so to start.
 Golf glove (optional). Right hand golfers use a glove on the left hand and vice versa.

 Safety
 Fun
 Rules
 Etiquette (speed of play, appropriate behavior, respecting the course)
 Honor system (count your strokes, no margin for error)
 Warm-up routine
 Consistently addressing the golf ball
 Specific drills to enhance your swing
 Situational challenges (ball under a tree, deep rough shots)


Click on Forms for a copy of the 2019 Golf Schedule